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Board of Directors 2023-2024




President JD Putnam
Vice-President Shawn Howard
Treasurer Mike DeBurger
Secretary Jean Landry 
Director Phil Pinsonneault
Director Don Butcher
Director Calvin Hurst
Director Julie North-Mackenzie
Director Scott Want

Committee Members 2023-2024




Finance Mike DeBurger(Chair)
JD Putnam
Hiring Don Butcher  (Chair)
Jean Landry
Building Phil Pinsonneault (Chair)
Calvin Hurst
Elections Don Butcher (Chair)
Jean Landry

Shawn Howard (chair)

Charity Landry

Wanda Burse

Future Planning Phil Pinsonneault (Chair)
Scott Want
Security Calvin Hurst (Chair)
Jean Landry
By-Laws and Rules Shawn Howard (Chair)
Calvin Hurst
Health & Safety Shawn Howard (Chair)
Lorie Spencer
Tendering Phil Pinsonneault (Chair)
Mike Deburger
Pool Jean Landry (Chair) Julie North-Mackenzie
Golf Carts Scott Want(Chair) Phil Pinsonneault
Entertainment Julie North-Mackenzie

Scott Want (Chair)




Website/Social Media JD Putnam/Jean Landry (Chair)


Board Members Function Assignments 2024




Volunteers Meeting Julie North-Mackenzie
Father’s Day Breakfast Randy and Monica Gore
Mother’s Day Breakfast Randy and Monica Gore
Strawberry Social Calvin Hurst
Fire Works
Christmas Dinner
Meet the Candidate
Pasta Dinner
Kids Halloween Party
Adult Halloween Party
Base Ball Weekend  Scott Want
Holey Board Jean Landry
Chili Cook Off
Beef On a Bun
Corn Roast
Volunteer Dinner BOD
Store Scott Want


Board members committee assignments

All chairpersons are responsible for fulfilling the functions as chairperson. Calling any meetings of the committee and chairing the meeting Reporting back to the BOD on any and all issues related to the committee and its function Providing reports to the membership as required both in the news bulletin and at GM meetings Preparing budgets for the committee as required Taking minutes of any meetings called by the CP

The Pool: The Park Manager will perform the following functions:

The Manager will make contact with the Pool supervisor in early May to ensure that staffing numbers are adequate for the coming pool season.

The Manager will ensure that the pool is ready for the season and all safety and regulatory inspections are conducted. The Manager will deal with all day to operations of the pool and contact with staff. When required the manager will contact the pool committee for assistance as needed. The Manager will make contact with all life guards on or before the pool closing weekend to see if they plan to return the following year

Board Members function assignments

The function assignments list is the board contact for the listed functions. If a function requires assistance the board contact member is the contact person who will give guidance and assistance to the CP and report to the board. The Board member should keep in touch with the CP for the function to see that all is going as planned and provide assistance where needed.

The Board member will also assist in preparing a written report to the BOD if required. The Board member will provide the function CP with a copy of the members who have agreed to help with the function from the Volunteer list.